Yakuza 0 Deluxe Box Original Game Soundtrack - 6-LP Black

Yakuza 0 Deluxe Box Original Game Soundtrack - 6-LP Black
Yakuza 0 Deluxe Box Original Game Soundtrack - 6-LP Black
Yakuza 0 Deluxe Box Original Game Soundtrack - 6-LP Black
Platform: Merchandise
Type: Soundtracks
Uitgever: Laced Records

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Platform: Merchandise
Type: Soundtracks
Uitgever: Laced Records

First LP:
Face A:

- A1. Youryu No Inanaki
- A2. Pandora's Place
- A3. Force Addiction
- A4. Parry Addiction
- A5. Crash Addiction
- A6. Get Them
- A7. Debt Cleanup
- A8. Money Makes Money

Face B:

- B1. La-Di-Da
- B2. Trouble Shooting Star
- B3. Unrestful
- B4. Fatal Conflict
- B5. Ultimate Road Rage
- B6. Receive You ?Tech Trance Arrange?

Second LP:
Face A:

- C1. Customer Creed
- C2. One-Eyed Assassin
- C3. One-Eyed Slugger
- C4. One-Eyed Dancer
- C5. Tiger Flute
- C6. We're Long Hua Expedition
- C7. To be prepared···

Face B:

- D1. TAKUMI 1988
- D2. Breakin' Showcase
- D3. Cabaret Sunshine -Fake Love-
- D4. As You Like
- D5. Try to have some fun for me !!
- D6. Fever ? Time
- D7. Interplanetary Spark
- D8. Wounded Hound

Third LP:
Face A:

- E1. Growling Hound
- E3. Receive You The Subtype
- E4. The story so far
- E5. t u s k
- E6. Make You Free
- E7. For Buddy

Face B:

- F1. Misery Comes On Beat
- F2. Enma No Chigiri
- F3. Enma No Chikai
- F4. Firelight

Forth LP:
Face A:

- G1. Archnemesis
- G2. With Vengeance
- G3. Two Dragons
- G4. Reign

Face B:

- H2. Rush! Rush! Rush!!
- H3. Heisei To Konwaku No Aida
- H4. Kairaku No Toki
- H5. Azen Bouzen
- H6. Rocket Nuts Groove
- H7. at the 1st bottom
- H8. at the rock bottom
- H9. The Purgatory

Fifth LP:
Face A:

- I1. Fiercest Warrior ver.0
- I2. interspace garden
- I3. Breeze Time
- I4. view the ranking
- I5. Ignite Your Spirit
- I6. Beyond the Speed
- I7. Glorious Memories
- I8. 1st Impression
- I9. 2nd Impression
- I10. 3rd Impression
- I11. Shinpan No Toki
- I12. Kanki No Toki

Face B:

- J1. Image Video "Hot Girl"
- J2. Image Video "Charming Girl"
- J3. Image Video "Glamorous Girl"
- J4. Image Video "Cute Girl"
- J5. Destiny of the Cats
- J6. Mad Desire
- J7. Like a Butterfly, Like a Bee
- J8. Hello Beast
- J9. Red Radical Rage
- J10. For the Victory
- J11. Never End, Baby!
- J12. Piece of Pride

Sixth LP:
Face A:

- K1. I wanna take you home
- K2. Friday Night
- K3. Queen of the passion
- K4. I'm gonna make her mine
- K5. Koi No Disco Queen
- K6. JUDGEMENT-Shinpan-?Full Spec Edition?JUDGEMENT-Shinpan-?Full Spec Edition?
- K7. 24Jikan Cinderella?Full SpecEdition?24Jikan Cinderella?Full SpecEdition?

Face B:

- L1. ×3 Shine?Full Spec Edition?
- L2. Setsuna No Ningyohime?Heart break mermaid??Full Spec Edition?
- L3. JUDGEMENT-Shinpan-?Brother NISHIKI Edition?
- L4. Bakamitai
- L5. Rouge of Love
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