Shenmue 3 The Definitive Soundtrack Vol.2: Niaowu - 6 Colored LP

Shenmue 3 The Definitive Soundtrack Vol.2: Niaowu - 6 Colored LP
Shenmue 3 The Definitive Soundtrack Vol.2: Niaowu - 6 Colored LP
Shenmue 3 The Definitive Soundtrack Vol.2: Niaowu - 6 Colored LP
Platform: Merchandise
Type: Soundtracks
Uitgever: Just for Games

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Platform: Merchandise
Type: Soundtracks
Uitgever: Just for Games


6 Heavyweight 180gr Colored LP's (LP1 Brown, LP2 Yellow, LP3 Blue, LP4 White, LP5 Green, LP6 Red)
Top lid box
Cover notes
Archive illustrations
Digital download code for all 196 songs

First LP

Face A

A1. Shenmue - Sedge Tree (Original Version)
A2. Edge In
A3. Hound
A4. Reap the Whirlwind
A5. To Become a Master
A6. Pursuit
A7. Eager
A8. Boundless Lands

Face B

B1. Flowering Hill
B2. A Strange Land
B3. Old Clock
B4. Flow of the Lijian River
B5. Peddler
B6. The Place Where the Sun Sets
B7. Niaowu Drama
B8. Knowledge of the Fist

Second LP

Face A

C1. Harbor Hotel
C2. Skill Book Seeking
C3. Stomping Ground
C4. Wooden Dummy Heaven
C5. New Paradise
C6. Disquiet
C7. Tech Paradise
C8. The Miserable Fortune Teller
C9. Mysterious Woman

Face B

D1. Duck Heaven
D2. Ageless City
D3. Deserted House
D4. Western Bookstore
D5. New Paradise Shopping
D6. Pearls of Wisdom
D7. Wude
D8. Smart Ball
D9. Fried Chicken
D10. Safe Keeping

Third LP

Face A

E1. Raijin
E2. Cargo Loader's Theme
E3. Secret Technique
E4. Wise Men's Qr. ~ Visiting History and Tradition
E5. Like Marries Like
E6. Brother
E7. The Bar
E8. Acrobat Chase
E9. Ren of the Port

Face B

F1. Seeking Healing
F2. Master's Teaching
F3. Snail's Pace
F4. Shop A Go Go!
F5. Buddha Statue
F6. The Dark
F7. Predicament
F8. Prayer
F9. Fresh Picked

Forth LP

Face A

G1. Pry the Secret
G2. An Odd Piece of Pottery
G3. Day Off
G4. A Peaceful Time
G5. Halcyon Days
G6. Market Scene
G7. Dubious Apothecary
G8. Riverside Blues
G9. Romance of the Journey
G10. Street Fight

Face B

H1. Black Sesame Dumplings
H2. Exotic Hat
H3. Happy Day
H4. Door to the Final Battle
H5. Shadows Creep In
H6. Oyster Shock
H7. Millions Served
H8. Road of Blooming Flowers
H9. People Coming and Going
H10. Fine Furnishings

Fifth LP

Face A

I1. Liu Jiao Shrine
I2. Lament
I3. Street Stall Bustle
I4. Super Trade-in Deal ?
I5. Happy Convenience
I6. Teahouse
I7. To the Final Battlefield
I8. Stonewall Cadre

Face B

J1. The Gentle Martial Artist
J2. Heart of Japan
J3. VIP Room
J4. The Heart Cries Out
J5. A Fortune is Still a Fortune
J6. Ren's Ready Wits
J7. Hideout
J8. Blue Spider
J9. Rose Garden
J10. Sharing News

Sixth LP

Face A

K1. Snack Linda Theme
K2. A Brief Rest
K3. Reunion
K4. Terrible Incident!
K5. Lost Child
K6. Cure for Your Troubles
K7. Rescue
K8. Boat Search
K9. The Promenade
K10. Mystery Time

Face B

L1. Storage
L2. Last Battle
L3. A New Vow
L4. The Rock
L5. Burning Ambition
L6. Senary Road
L7. Unwavering
L8. Bedtime
L9. Tense
L10. Chobuchan Fighter
L11. Chobuchan Fighter 2
L12. Slam Dunk
L13. Good Golf!
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